Elizabeth Solaro © 2017


A contemporary fine art gallery specializing in large scale art pieces.
We are located on the first floor of the Brew-House building
 in the historic Dick and Brothers Brewery District.

Regarding Artist's Submissions:
Unfortunately we are not currently accepting any artist's submissions.
Please continue to frequent the website regarding updates with this matter.

905 York Street
Quincy, Illinois    62301

The mobile number is the best number for contacting Liz Solaro.

MBL 314. 315. 2696  (call or text)

TEL 217. 209. 0913    FAX 217. 209. 0659



Gallery Holiday Extended Hours 

Wednesday - Sunday : Noon - 5 pm

Any other time by appointment. 


 Director / Inquiries : Liz Solaro 




Brewery Arts District Association:                                              

Learn more about the Quincy Arts District at:


Artists' Links:

Annelies Heijnen,  ceramic artist:   http://www.anneliesheijnen.com

David Farmerie,  photographer / filmmaker / documentarian / lecturer:   http://www.davidfarmerie.com/

Kirsten Nadine Mitchelloil painter:   http://web.me.com/knmitchell/Site/Welcome.html

Stephen Cullo,  photographer:   http://allthingsquincy.com/Welcome.html
                             musician:  http://www.playrecordstop.com/about.html

Liz Glasgow Solaro,  photographer:   http://www.solaroimages.com

Jennifer Bock-Nelson, painter: http://bock-nelson.com/


Building & Historical: 

Original beer advertising trays from Dick and Brothers Brewery, click here:     

To view historical photographs of the Dick and Brothers Brewery, click here:

To view an image from today of the Bottle House building of Dick and Brothers (located across the street from our Gallery Brewhouse buidling), click here:



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