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Musicians/ Bands




Saturday, August 23, 2014  - Coffee House Night

Avenue Beat  and Esther Moore






Saturday, June 28, 2014  - East Gallery Music Series


Friday, March 28, 2014  - Coffee House Live   

BAND: Logan Kammerer (vocals, acoustic guitar),  
Jim Bier (acoustic guitar), Dave Fauble (jazz sax)


Friday, Dec 06, 2013   


Winter 2013 Exhibit After-Hours Party



Friday, June 7, 2013   

Gallery Exhibit Opening: 
with Artist ROBIN HENEHAN: The Art of Mosaics on Reclaimed Glass

 Music of Beth Bombara and Karl Eggers (LINK)




Karl Eggers and Beth Bombara  performed at the "After-Hours Party"  




April 13, 2013      Gallery Exhibit Opening: ANNELIES HEIJNEN, Sculpture Artist

Exhibit Opening 6 - 7:30 pm -- Booksigning & Artist speaks (free to Public)

AFTER-HOURS Party with Live music begins at 7:30 pm (tickets required, see below)

 Music of Colin Elmore  (LINK)      www.ColinElmore.com

After Hours Party Ticket Information

Cover Price:  $ 12 per person (at door)

NOVEMBER 24, 2012      Gallery Exhibit Opening: The ANNELIES HEIJNEN, Sculpture Artist

 Music of Erin Bode  (LINK)


Review by BBC, Danny Baker  (LINK):   

"I've  gone on record both in print and more than once on BBC as saying I think Erin Bode is the most magnificent solo performer on this planet right now. Her voice and taste in material has never put a note out of place and here elevates a sometimes stretched and indifferent form - the Christmas Album(LINK) - to a sumptuous and evocative feast." (LINK)




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JUNE 23, 2012   Gallery Exhibit Opening: Partner with Midsummer Arts Faire PREVIEW OPENING
 Music of Hudson and the Hoodoo Cats (LINK)